"Largo es el camino de la enseñanza por medio de teorías; breve y eficaz por medio de ejemplos."


  • Toronto, the largest city in Canada
  • Ottawa, the capital city
  • 13.000.000 inhabitants
  • Niagara Falls

It is the most populous province in Canada and in it are located cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, the capital.

Ontario is known as the industrial heartland of Canada, due to the strong automotive industry, the influence of tourism and the significant financial and property developments. Currently, and dodging the international economic crisis quite well, it is a growing province.

Lake Ontario is responsible for the name of this province that took shape as a result of the immigration of European victims of the Second World War.

The landscape of the province is one of its strengths due to gems like the Plains of Hudson Bay, theCanadian Shield, the Plains of the Great Lakes where theNiagara Falls are located and the Plains of San Lorenzo.

Of its first inhabitants is preserved the Serpent Mounds, near Peterborough. Art and culture are widely supported by the government, just as sports.

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