“All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.”

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The International Experience

Spending time abroad, either studying or just experiencing a country and a different culture, provides those doing it with new ways of coping with life and gives them a totally new vision of how to face the problems and take advantage of the opportunities to be find along the way.

The ability to remove any obstacle depends on our resources: the more tools we have (languages, adaptability, social skills, ...), the best our chances will be. International education allows for access to knowledge that goes beyond books, agendas and homework.

There are many options to study abroad, some have more of a holiday-feeling, bringing us closer different languages and other cultures; and others, more academic, also introduce us to new teaching methodologies.

Each destination provides certain peculiarities and, upon reflection about your expectations, we can easily help you choose the right program for you.

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We are…

A team of professionals committed to the future of young people, both personally and professionally. With teaching training, experience in the field of international programs and a long history with schools and many other educational institutions. We are aware that future professionals will have to gain a foothold in society and in working environments facing very competitive conditions.

Being competitive is no longer only a matter of academic curriculum. A personality that can easily different and ever-changing scenarios is key: communication skills, leadership, open-mindedness to a world whose borders are fading quicker every day and the possibility of expressing feelings and ideas naturally in English or more languages... All these and many more tools can only be obtained by accumulating as much experiences as possible from an early age.

Every local Education System, no matter if we are discussing Spain, Europe or North America, will be able to respond to most of these requests, but for others, for those that will make a person excellent, an educational supplement will be necessary and there is not a more efficient one than studying abroad. Because only studying or living abroad and individual can easily acquire real communication skills in a different language and personal and social skills such as adaptability or the acceptance of difference are enhanced.

Surveys show that the most demanded professional profiles for vocational, intermediate or senior positions in the most developed countries often have studied some time abroad.

To this end theIEX offers families some of the best options for studying abroad.

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Our proposal…

Education for ALL, trying to integrate into our offer programs for all sectors. We present several options.

We encourage environments that involve real possibilities for personal growth, which are not overcrowded with only one nationality or language and that have certain special characteristics that make them different from the most traditional training programs.

Our vision includes everyone. We are committed to offering the opportunity to live this life-altering experiences to anyone who wants them, offering different approaches to education as well to those who, because of their special characteristics, usually have trouble accessing this kind of training. We are talking about, for example, people with special needs such as impaired-hearing.

In our proposed services you can find special programs that offer a place for all in various destinations. Our starting point is to engage with families and schools in the educational process of young people. An excellent education means an open door to more opportunities in the future. A future that is increasingly global and internationalized.

Young people need to learn how to relate to other societies and nationalities than their own. They need to enhance their resilience, sense of responsibility and commitment and develop their capacity to make their own decisions.

Education in itself is a life-long process and international preparation is no different... Therefore, we propose various access roads to it, following a scaled model and progressive growth. A metaphorical ladder to internationalization, a growth ladder to the global citizen and the internationalization of the individual. All this involves a process in which overseas programs occupy an important role. Summers away from home for foreign language improvement programs are often the first step. Once these first experiences are overgrown, joining a different educational system is the most comprehensive linguistic and social immersion, which can also be done in stages.

We cannot forget that training throughout life is the key to leading a rich life and that it makes humans live in constant personal growth. For them, the adult learners, theIEX also proposes interesting programs.

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