"In life you have a few places, or perhaps one where something happened; and then there are all the other sites"

Why Canada?

Because Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, with a high standard of living and soaring safety and welfare indicators. It also has one of the best educational systems in the world.

Canadian society is the result of a multicultural education process and a concept of education that encourages open and welcoming individuals. It is one of the most popular destinations for study.

The country

Its territory is divided into provinces and the lifestyle of each one is peculiar in a different way. The coastal provinces are more cosmopolitan and industrialized versus the traditional and more rural interior ones. That contrast is constant in all of Canada.

As a society, Canada is built on racial and religious differences, which invites multiculturalism, tolerance and integration. It possesses quite a recent history, only 150 years, and the main facts are closely related to American, European and Asian immigration.

Due to the vastness of the country it is difficult to speak of generalities. The climate has usually mild summers and very cold winters; but it is impossible to compare a winter in Vancouver, with average temperature of between 0 and 5 degrees, with a winter in Winnipeg, which temperature for several months is around minus 25.

On the tourist attractions front, you find the same thing. In Canada you can find coast, mountains, plains, historic buildings and skyscrapers. One needs to research thoroughly each province to find what you're looking for.

Canada's history as a country is really recent. The origin of its name comes from "people". It were Europeans who went looking for its natural resources who populated and urbanized country. Natural gas, oil, gold and wood are indisputable source of business.

Not only Europeans came to this country, but immigrants from all around the world as well (Asia, Africa...). For this reason, the country's current set up is a multiracial and multicultural population that lives in perfect harmony. No matter where they or their families came from. They feel above all very proud to be Canadian and have given the country this strong national character.

It is a bilingual nation with two main languages, English and French. Students in the Francophone areas regularly travel to Anglophone areas to study English and vice versa. In order to facilitate this, different ministerial departments of education have created special programs.

Canadian Provinces

Canada is divided in ten provinces and territories, in eight of which theIEX has study programmes:

Programs in Canada

  • 18-+18 years

Diploma In Tourism & Hospitality Management

This intensive program is designed specifically to meet the vast employment needs

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  • 18-+18 years

Diploma in Business Administration Greystone College - Toronto

This program offer a solid foundation in business administration

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  • 18-+18 years

Advanced Program in Business Administration Greystone College

This program offer a solid foundation in business administration

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  • 16-17 years

Advanced Steps Program. Exam Preparation Itinerary

Join this program and prepare for either the Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL Exams

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