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The best language courses abroad in Spain, Canada or the United Kingdom. Learn Spanish or English whilst exploring these incredible destinations!

Featured programs:

  • 12-+18 years
  • Housing: Residence (full board)
  • German

First Steps Program in Germany


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  • 12-18 years
  • Housing: Homestay
  • English

Academic Year Program in Canada

A full academic year studying in Canada is a commitment to educational excellence

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  • 18-+18 years
  • Housing: Optional
  • English

Advanced Program in Business Administration Greystone College

This program offer a solid foundation in business administration

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  • 18-+18 years
  • Housing: Homestay, residence or self-catering apartments
  • English, French

Tailored Program in Canada

Completelly customizable courses for adults. You choose!

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The International Experience

A team of professionals committed to the future of young people, both personally and professionally. With teaching training, experience in the field of international programs and a long history with schools and many other educational institutions.

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How to learn Spanish?

2016-01-19 Spain

The best way to learn Spanish is to study in one of the best places in the world: Spain! Spain is a special country because it is the only one in Europe where the official language is Castilian. Also, it is the birthplace of this...

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Trivia about the Spanish Football League

2016-01-18 Spain

Trivia about the Spanish Football League Spain not only well-known because of the food, beautiful scenery and "Sevillanas" but also for having one of the most popular football leagues in the world Who out there has not heard of Real Mad

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language courses in Canada, study in Canada


Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, with a high standard of living and soaring safety and welfare indicators.

It is a bilingual nation with two main languages, English and French. Students in the Francophone areas regularly travel to Anglophone areas to study English and vice versa. In order to facilitate this, different ministerial departments of education have created special programs.


United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a country with great experience in hosting foreign students both in their schools and in their language schools.

Its educational system has included for decades international programs that facilitate the integration of foreign students. Its educational system has included for decades international programs that facilitate the integration of foreign students.

United Kingdom

language courses in Reino Unido, study in United Kingdom
language courses in Spain, study spanish in Spain


There are many reasons why our visitors think Spain is one of the best places to live in Europe. The mild-to-hot weather in most of the country and the generally friendly atmosphere means that most Spaniards spend a lot more time outside than at home and plan most of their free time outdoors. It is easy to see people socializing in a bar, a nice little cafe or a restaurant.

Food is another very significant cultural trait in Spain. Although you will find many different food options from all over the world, especially in big cities, the Mediterranean diet is, without a doubt, the most common option available. This diet is really healthy, diverse and definitely worth exploring.


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