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Host families

Host families in Canada are particularly hospitable. It is a society forged in coexistence and multiculturalism so that the alien is not only welcome, but someone from whom they expect to learn and whose company they enjoy.

All have very different characteristics, they are very heterogeneous. All meet basic criteria on which the student's welfare is guaranteed. For academic programs host families, theIEX also has the support of the Canadian educational institutions, as families have to be approved in order to become viable host families.

All homes are fully prepared to accommodate students, whether their stay is three weeks or one or two years. Almost all of the families have been receiving students for a long time and they keep doing it because they find the experience satisfactory and enriching.

Programs in Canada

  • 12-18 years

Academic Year Program in Canada

A full academic year studying in Canada is a commitment to educational excellence

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  • 18-+18 years

Advanced Program in Business Administration Greystone College

This program offer a solid foundation in business administration

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  • 18-+18 years

Tailored Program in Canada

Completelly customizable courses for adults. You choose!

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  • 18-+18 years

Diploma In Tourism & Hospitality Management

This intensive program is designed specifically to meet the vast employment needs

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