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Where do I start

Studying abroad is one of the most important steps that a student can take in his or her academic career. Therefore, questions arise that need to be answered at the right time: Is this the best choice for my child? What is the most appropriate country? What should I consider? There are many questions that may arise. Usually, the best option to answer them is to contact theIEX and request an appointment.

If you do not have any questions and know exactly which the best program is for you, you can jump ahead to the second step, completing the registration form directly.

Contact theIEX by phone, email or web

Ideally we would arrange for a briefing with both parents and students in order to personally meet and study the profile of the students, their expectations, their concerns, their abilities... For families not living in Spain, this interview can be done by Skype, in English or Spanish.

The main goal of this meeting will be to answer most, if not all, questions regarding the options of the student for the international experience and clarify the features of each program and the next steps to take.

By phone: +34 91 161 08 05

By email: info@theiex.com

Our contact form

Registration form and contract

Once you email us the completed registration pack, which you can download here, you have to fill-in the following form and pay the €300 deposit through PayPal in order to book your spot in the program in Step 3. Booking.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: info@theiex.com / +34 91 161 08 05

Deposit payment

Once we have received both the registration pack and the deposit through PayPal, we will contact you within 48 working hours in order to confirm other details such as the additional documents required, dates of the program, additional information about the chosen destination, payments calendar, insurance…

Practical tip

In destinations such as Canada, on top of contacting the schools or colleges and host families, it is often necessary to carry out other legal procedures such as applying for a visa. Some of these can take several weeks so it is important to take action as soon as possible.

Also, registration deadlines vary and not all schools finish their enrolment process on the same date, so it is important not to leave the decision to the last minute.

In addition, flights prices usually improve if booked well in advance.

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