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English education system

The English education system is based on the 1988 law, with some modifications in his later years. The National Curriculum was put in place with this law as well as new methods of valuation (Key Stages), measures that improve the quality of education by promoting competition among schools, alternative financing systems that give greater autonomy to schools and programs of cooperation and assistance between them. All this has contributed to make education in the UK internationally recognized.

UK has been welcoming international students for decades and the experience of international students in their classrooms is outstanding.

Programs in United Kingdom

  • 0-0 years

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  • 12-17 years

Easter Week in United Kingdom

Enjoy Winter and Autumn seasons with international students

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  • 12-17 years

White Week in UK

Live the best experience during the Winter and Autumn seasons

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  • 11-17 years

Advance Steps Program. Intensive Itinerary

Ideal for those who wish to make the most of their and have more English lessons

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