"We can only progress by thinking big. It is only possible to move forward when you look far beyond."

Why in Spain?

Studying abroad provides the students with new ways of facing live, solve problems and seize opportunities. The ability to break walls depends on our personal resources.

The more tools a person has (possibility of speaking different languages, adaptability, social skills…) the more opportunities that person will be able to grab. Studying abroad allows students to access a knowledge that goes beyond anything that can be found on books.

Spain, a nice place to live

Food is another very significant cultural trait in Spain. Although you will find many different food options from all over the world, especially in big cities, the Mediterranean diet is, without a doubt, the most common option available. This diet is really healthy, diverse and definitely worth exploring. It is based on olive oil, fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and even wine. Every region in the country has different typical dishes but just to name a few of the most well-known recipes, one can find “paella”, “cocido”, “potaje” or “gazpacho”.

Talking about activities, Spain has an incredibly diverse landscape and offers plenty of options as well. Being a Peninsula, there are beautiful beaches to relax in or practice all kinds of water sports, combined with amazing mountains to go hiking or skiing during the winter.

If you are more of a culture-seeker you can visit art galleries, museums, castles, palaces… You have one in pretty much all city, town or village in Spain. Festivals and “Fiestas” of all size and topic are also a common occurrence in any given time or place.

Once again, we want to mention that there is a thing that makes Spain unique in comparison with the rest of Europe and that is the schedule. Life goes on a little bit later than in the rest of the continent. Do not expect to have lunch before 2.00pm and dinner before 9.00pm (sometimes even 10.00pm in summer).

Spaniards are generally described as nice and funny, warm and welcoming. In general, they have an incredible sense of humor. Laughing (too much sometimes) is easy in Spain. They are definitely social beings and therefore expending time with friends and family is high in anyone’s list of priorities. Other unique thing in Spain is the “siesta”. Really only in weekends. People like sleeping during 30 minutes after lunch.

Programs in Spain

  • 18-+18 years

Spanish Gap Year with DELE Certificate: Madrid, Barcelona & Granada

This program brings you the opportunity to certify your knowledge of the Spanish

More details

  • 18-+18 years

Spanish Gap Year Travel & Learn: Madrid & Barcelona

Combining the acquisition of a foreign language with getting to know the cultures

More details

  • 50-+18 years

+50 Spanish Program in Spain

They share their stories, liven up classes laughing and joking

More details

  • 18-+18 years

Dance & Spanish Classes Program in Spain

It is a way to make the study holiday more interesting and enjoyable.

More details

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