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Host families

Host families are as diverse as the landscape or the traditions in Spain. Spanish society is modern, open to diversity and tolerant with different cultures, but generally speaking, the most usually found is the traditional Spanish family, where one or both members of the couple work outside of the house. It is not strange to find a stay-at-home mom, though.

In those families where both parents work, children usually eat lunch at the school cafeteria. After school, it is usual to have clubs or sports until 6pm or 7pm. After that, children go home, do their homework, relax or play with their siblings (although in Spain there is a high percentage of an only child) and have dinner with their families around 9pm.

On weekends, it is typical to have lunch or dinner as a family, inviting over other relatives such as grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, etc. It is also the time where children enjoy some free time with friends of the area going to the park, shopping, going to the movies…

All our host families are carefully selected with help from the schools and are police-checked.

Programs in Spain

  • 18-+18 years

Spanish Gap Year with DELE Certificate: Madrid, Barcelona & Granada

This program brings you the opportunity to certify your knowledge of the Spanish

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  • 18-+18 years

Spanish Gap Year Travel & Learn: Madrid & Barcelona

Combining the acquisition of a foreign language with getting to know the cultures

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  • 50-+18 years

+50 Spanish Program in Spain

They share their stories, liven up classes laughing and joking

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  • 18-+18 years

Dance & Spanish Classes Program in Spain

It is a way to make the study holiday more interesting and enjoyable.

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