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EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, S.L. theIEX Terms and Conditions

The brochure and website of the current year are those background documents to which these Terms & Conditions are applicable. The brochure includes information on the types of programs (courses of general language, professional language, business practices, academic programs, residential programs, all in Spain and abroad), destinations, duration and calendar, characteristics of accommodation, prices and, all in all, the necessary and appropriate information on the characteristics of the different programs.

The information contained in the brochure and on the website is binding  for 2015, unless any of the following circumstances occur:

  1. GENERAL INFORMATION. EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, S.L. - theIEX Calle Sanchez Barcaiztegui, 40 28007 Madrid NIF B87224408
  2. LEGAL REGULATIONS APPLYCABLE TO THE CONTRACT AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS. The General Conditions are subject to terms resulting from application of RDL 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1998 of 13 April, on General Conditions of Contract, and the Spanish Civil Code. These Terms & Conditions will be incorporated, signed by the contracting parties, to all EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, S.L. – theIEX contracts which concern the programs contained in the brochure and website and are binding on the parties, together with any particular conditions agreed in the contract, and that could be established for each program.
  3. REGISTRATION, PRICE AND PAYMENT METHOD. Any application for registration in any of our programs, should be made through the website www.theiex.com and be accompanied by payment of the following amounts as booking and management fees:
    • € 1,645 Academic Year Programs Abroad
    • € 1,000 other overseas programs
    1. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice and / or the terms & conditions of the program, all prices include the legally applicable taxes, except the processing costs for the ACADEMIC YEAR AND ACADEMIC SEMESTER programs, which shall be governed by their own conditions.
    2. The payment of these amounts is considered as payment made on account of the initial costs of processing, and must be made through the on line payment platform in the on line registration section of the website, by bank transfer or cash. This amount given to account will be deducted from the total fees.
    3. No registration in a program will be processed unless accompanied by proof of having made the payment for each program.
    4. The rest of the price of contracted program must be paid to EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX within the time indicated on the invoice and / or in the specific conditions listed for the program, and always before the beginning of the program.
    5. Discounts or promotions may not be used in combination with other discounts and promotions.
    6. Space is limited. Depending on the characteristics of the program, it is advisable to register at least 60 days in advance.
    7. There are some programs with different requirements and forms to be added to the general aforementioned and that will need to be completed and signed by the participant.
    8. Registration is personal and not transferable.
    9. REVIEW OF PRICES. Prices of the programs are subject to possible variations, both upwards and downwards, as a result of currency fluctuations, increased freight rates, fuel costs, and taxes and fees applicable under the General Conditions of the brochure and website of the ongoing year. The program cost is calculated on the price the relevant currency based on the following exchange rate: € 1 = 1.41 CAD; € 1 = $ 1.06; € 1 = £ 0.72. The difference, either upward or downward, will be passed on to the customer upon delivery of the final invoice. Variations in prices shall be notified to the consumer in writing. The consumer may, when the variation exceeds 10% of the total fees, withdraw from the course, or accept the modification of the contract. In any case the price of the program will be reviewed less than twenty days prior to the start date thereof, in case registration has already been made.
  4. CUSTOMS AND PRACTICES IN THE DESTINATION COUNTRIES OF THE PROGRAMS, AND MANDATORY STANDARDS FOR THE DURATION OF THE PROGRAM. The consumer must adapt to the lifestyle and customs of the country in which the contracted program is carried out. The rules of conduct in the countries of destination, the customs, meals, times, distances and, in general, the lifestyle of the countries in which various programs are developed, are often very different to the way of life and common customs in the original country. In this sense, the consumer must adapt to them. The consumer agrees to abide by the laws of the destination country of the program, as well as by the policies of the various organizations, language schools, colleges, universities, schools, etc., who work with EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX in implementing the program. In particular, the consumer agrees to respect the rules relating to hours, compulsory school attendance, cohabitation with host families, teachers and peers, prohibitions on possession and consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, etc. EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, S.L. - theIEX will deliver to the consumer a copy of the disciplinary rules applicable to the various programs. In case of failure to comply by the consumer with the laws of the country of destination in which the Program is held, or breach of the disciplinary rules of the various organizations, language schools, colleges, universities, schools, etc. in which the program takes place, the consumer may be expelled. In this case, the consumer must assume the expenses arising from early return to the home country, regardless of any other liability due to wilful misconduct or negligence of the participant.
  5. PASSPORTS, VISAS AND DOCUMENTATION. All consumers who take part in one of the EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX programs must carry valid personal documents, in accordance with the regulations of the country where the contracted program will be held. Unless the management thereof has been specifically contracted through EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX, obtaining visas, where the law of the country where the program is developed so requires, will be done by the consumer.
  6. INSURANCE. Consumers who take part in one of the EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX programs will enjoy, if they so desire, travel insurance coverage, under the terms of the insurance policy underwritten by EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX with the insurance company. EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, S.L. - theIEX merely acts as intermediary between the insurance company and consumers who sign up for one of our programs. Consumers can take another policy choice. In this case, they should make this fact known to EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX in writing and with a minimum notice of 30 days before the start of the program.
  7. MEDICAL, PHARMACOLOGICAL AND /OR SURGICAL TREATMENT. The participant must inform EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX if he/she will be subject to any medical treatment during their stay in the destination country and throughout the duration of the program. It is understood that, at the time of starting the program, the participant is in perfect physical and mental health, and that the medical information accompanying the registration package of the program is true and complete. Otherwise, the company EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX refuses any liability for the falsity or lack of this information. Also, in the event that, during the program, the participant requires medical treatment, and/or be hospitalized and/or undergo surgery without EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX being able to locate the parents, guardians or legal representatives, EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX is authorized to take any action it deems fit to safeguard the participant's health.
  8. TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION OF TRAVEL. The technical organization of travel to destinations where the different programs take place is performed by a travel agency CICMA 3074 authorized. EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, S.L. - theIEX acts only as an intermediary between the consumer and the travel agency. For this reason the company EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX will not be held any liability for cancellations, schedule or route changes, delays, accidents, loss of luggage, etc.
  9. AUTHORISATION FOR DATA TRANSFER OF DATA. Considering that it is essential and necessary to communicate certain data concerning the participant to the companies or associates of EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX  in the destination city, the participant expressly authorizes that the needed personal data may be transferred.
  10. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA. In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, for the Protection of Personal Data, EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX informs you that the personal data contained in these term & conditions, will be incorporated into a file (owned and operated by EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX) for the commercial and operational purposes of EMPIRICAL EDUCATION, SL - theIEX. The acceptance of these general terms & conditions implies consent to carry out such treatment and for use with those purposes. Furthermore, we advise the consumer of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification and cancellation in the terms established by current legislation, by writing to the following address: Calle Sanchez Barcaiztegui, 40 - 28007 Madrid - indicating as recipient the person responsible for administration or to the email address: info@theiex.com.
  11. TERM. The validity of these general terms & conditions of the Prospectus is the current year. The said booklet shall be valid from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, both inclusive. The release date is January 1, 2015.
  12. DISPUTE RESOLUTION. Any dispute relating to the programs will be resolved by the competent courts of the city of Madrid, under applicable law.
  13. SPECIFIC CONDITIONS OF PROGRAMS. These will be detailed by the contract executed between the parties, in each case, as well as those established for each program.

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