"Largo es el camino de la enseñanza por medio de teorías; breve y eficaz por medio de ejemplos."


  • Regina and Sascatoon
  • 1.100.000 inhabitants
  • "Land of the living skies"

The province is named after the Saskatchewan River ("Fast flowing river") and is the province of the Canadian Prairies, located between Alberta and Manitoba. The capital is Regina.

Wheat, and generally agriculture is the main source of income. The forest and forestry also pose a great economic power. As a tourist centre is yet to be discovered, because it is the great unknown of the Canadian provinces.

His first human settlements were Athabaskan, Algonquian, and Sioux tribes with ancestral cultures based on the family and its protection and conservation. Social style that still survives in the area.

In the nineteenth century, land ownership and rights to the buffaloes remained the main source of problems between tribes. Arrival of new immigrants also added to this conflict. In this conflict intervened Louis Riel, probably the best known historical figure in the area for his controversial personality.

Like all other Canadian provinces, the population grew as a result of immigration and currently these province services have nothing to envy to others.

It is a very safe and quiet area and the hospitality of its educated people, with great artistic and cultural concerns, is worth mentioning.

Saskatchewan today is a modern region that offers, among other things, a high quality education, attracting many international students seeking exclusivity.

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