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  • Winnipeg
  • Meadows' region
  • 1.200.000 inhabitants
  • Lakes and polar bears at the North

It did not gain independence from the Northwest Territories until well into the nineteenth century. It is the easternmost of the Canadian Prairies and its capital is Winnipeg, a city that's home to nearly half of the people of Manitoba.

Manitoba is the vast prairie of Canada and is set on huge forests. It does not have a maritime coast, but nevertheless has no shortage of lakes, swamps and rivers.

Generally, the weather is known for its aridity, its low temperatures and the presence of important annual temperature fluctuations. Despite the intense cold it is an area with plenty of sunlight during the winter, so the winter is hard but not depressing. Winnipeg is the coolest city of over 600,000 inhabitants of the world.

Education has always played an important role in Manitoba. Its first school was founded in 1812, and missionaries of the Catholic Church began building Catholic schools throughout the region. Until the 1870s basic education was imparted only by religious institutions, but with the creation of the Department of Education a public education system was implemented. This system is currently recognized by PISA reports as one of the best in the world.

The capital, Winnipeg, is the financial heart of the city. Around the town centre, and always conditioned by the rivers, a great range of residential neighbourhoods bordering the city arises.

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