"Largo es el camino de la enseñanza por medio de teorías; breve y eficaz por medio de ejemplos."

British Columbia

  • Vancouver and Victoria
  • 4.400.000 inhabitants
  • Wistler Ski Station
  • Cosmopolitan and modern

British Columbia borders to the north with Alaska, with the Canadian Territory of Yukon and with the Northwest Territories. It also borders to the east with Alberta and to the south with the United States (states of Washington, Idaho and Montana).

The most prominent features of its relief are the Coast Mountains, the Rockies and the Inside Passage, as well as a lot of fjords, which form its spectacular scenery.

The first Europeans to arrive were the Spaniards, in the sixteenth century with the expeditions of Juan de Fuca, Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado, and Bartholome de Fonte. These expeditions were looking for the Strait of Anián .

It combines the taste of modern and cosmopolitan with the peace and tranquillity of the landscape and natural environment. Consisting of a mosaic of cultural and ethnic contrasts, where very different races, religions and cultures coexist.

Its most prominent cities are Vancouver, considered the city of skyscrapers, docks and bridges, art, festivals and modernity; and Victoria, one of the more cosmopolitan cities in the world, full of hotels, shopping centres and a beautiful and well preserved old town.

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